Mike, The Computer Guy

Serving Lakeside since 2004, doing just about everything "computer" and gadget-wise. My experience is paying off in time and money saved for my clients. I also do "gadget" setup, like wireless for Kindles; set up software like Skype; repair slow Internet connections... pretty much anything to do with PCs and Macs. And I teach computer basics to seniors and everyone else. Then there's the computer rebuilding, the new computer building, and the free advice.

What can I help you with?

Setting up Internet. Wireless connections. Software installation. Troubleshooting: email, Internet, Office programs, etc. Digital photography: transferring files from camera, photo cataloguing tools. Emailing photos easily. Slow computers. Dead computers. Burned out computer parts.

Rebuilding old computers with new parts to get your speed back. Building new computers to your requirements.

REINSTALLING WINDOWS: XP, Vista, Windows 7. When PCs get a few years in, Windows begins to self-destruct. So you lose speed; your programs act erratically; things just don't work right. You wonder how you ever enjoyed this. I can completely fix that.

Confused? Downright annoyed? I can help.
Computer Repairs Done Quick
All house calls, all the time.

Don't bother dropping off and picking up your PC or laptop. I come to your house. If I have to take it with me, I'll fix it and bring it back, and make sure you're still connected to the Internet.
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